The Florida Aquarium

The Florida Aquarium is one of the most interesting attractions in Tampa. The building was built to resemble a huge ship which, if you blink your eyes or shift your perspective ever so slightly, will appear to be floating on water. The inside includes several amazing exhibits including a shark tank with an underwater tunnel and aquariums full of jellyfish and some of the most interesting fish in the world.
A fun activity to do at The Florida Aquarium is participating in the daily Penguin Feeding . This takes place outside near the South America Stream and it's open twenty-four hours. Participating in this is an unusual experience that children will truly enjoy because of their natural fascination with animals living together, especially those that should be mortal enemies.

The Experience

Another unforgettable experience at The Florida Aquarium is watching the eight-thirty showing of their Alligator Demonstration . It's a live show where they feed and take care of their alligators, including showing how to properly hold them. The best part is when the trainers participate in a demonstration gator-wrestling match. This is one of the most amazing feats seen by humans, who risk being severely injured if they lose control of their thrashing animal.
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